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Sausage Balls

Sausage balls: they're great to meal prep, they're a perfect appetizer, and they're even a great breakfast-on-the-go! For those of you navigating parenthood, they're also a great option to have on hand for toddlers and kids. Let's do what we can to make life a little...

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Seeing Instead of Looking

With all the distractions that surround, it’s easy, so often, for my eyes to wander beyond my babies - even when I hold them near or snuggle them tight.    I had a moment the other day though, where I had one in my arms, having just had a bottle, and the other...

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Trigger warning: this post discusses pregnancy loss.   Man, I love the month of October. The transition from Summer to Fall, a packed football schedule, the emergence of crisp air, and so many brightly hued crunchy leaves - it’s just magical.   And yet,...

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On Being a “Good Mom”

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I feel I could write so many anecdotes about motherhood. Also, I should note that I refuse to let my few years of experience limit my personal experiences and thoughts in general.   I was always excited for the possibility of...

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