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Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

by | May 26, 2023 | Life | 0 comments

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If you saw my recent Instagram reel, I “re”-introduced myself by dropping a few high-level points about myself in relation to my business, Emerald Pine Collective. Don’t worry: it only took me an hour or so to compile and edit that reel, but, hey, who’s counting?!


Anyway…I thought it would be a great expansion of that content if I were to share a little more about me, Jenn. And, gosh, there is so much I could share, but there will be time to get to know me more in depth. For now, I decided to just touch on a few points, so I hope you enjoy learning more about me by what I’ve compiled below!



It’s no secret: if you see me in person, especially if I’m standing beside my 6’ 5” husband, I am quite short-statured.


My hair used to be blonde, but after I experienced pregnancy with our daughter, it has darkened over time and become more brown. The human body is wild, y’all!


My wardrobe is very solid in color, and I rely on comfort. I’m usually in leggings and a solid-colored shirt, or in a comfy dress. There aren’t many frills in my closet!


As I’ve matured, I’ve found my voice. I am not afraid to use my voice. I will firmly stand up for myself, and anyone else who needs help.



I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can recall. There have been seasons in my life when I’ve been able to manage it well with medication, therapy, or even removing stressors, but I’ve embraced this as an attribute, and confidently know when I need to seek help.


I’m an extroverted-introvert. This sounds odd, I know. But, I love my personal, small-group, quiet time, but I can turn on the extroversion when I need to!


“Your smile lights up a room,” as I’ve been told on many occasions, but, a smile is nearly non-existent in the wee hours – READ: I am not a morning person. It’s a fact, and myself and loved ones have accepted it. I need time in the morning to “wake up” and process what I have for the day ahead.


I internalize – a lot. I don’t really like to show emotion outwardly, but rather process it internally, which, admittedly, is not always the best way for me to go about things.


I work better under pressure. If I have too much time to work on a task, I will constantly go back to it and try to nit-pick it.



Being a wife and mother – truly, rewarding, and heartwarming, and full of learning experiences and immense growth together as a family.


Food – truly, almost all the foods – except for a few allergies, and licorice – YUCK! I love to cook, and I hate using a recipe. I just like to wing it! Psst…you can follow along with my cooking content via Statement Kitchen on Instagram!


Sports – football, hockey, soccer, and baseball for spectating; when I was growing up, I played soccer and volleyball for my schools and for travel teams – I seriously considered playing D3 volleyball in College, but decided to step away from volleyball altogether.


Dessert – I have long claimed to have a “dessert pocket” in my stomach. Too full from dinner? Didn’t eat it all? No worries, I still have room for dessert 🙂


Music – Gosh, I love a good tune, and I don’t discriminate on the genre. When I’m working on a tedious task, I love to throw on some music to keep me motivated. Also, I can memorize lyrics like you wouldn’t believe, and my husband loves to play “guess the song with just a one or a few beats of music” because it’s quite remarkable, and I don’t know how I do it.



Please, please, don’t be a jerk. To me, to my loved ones, to my friends, or to strangers. Can we just please be kind?


It pains me when people don’t respect my boundaries, and I don’t appreciate it, at all. It’s very disheartening.


I truly don’t appreciate when people are inauthentic, dishonest, or try to take advantage of others. It’s just not cool, okay?


Did I mention licorice?


Random Facts

I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life. While I grew up on the coast, I actually prefer the mountains.


I married my high school sweetheart.


I attended, and earned my undergraduate degree from, NC State – GO PACK!


I surprised everyone, my husband included, by rapping at our wedding. It was “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly, in case you’re wondering 🙂


I love a glass of chilled white wine, champagne, or a classic margarita (on the rocks, with salt – duh) as my beverage of choice whether having dinner out, or enjoying a nightcap at home!


I’ve extensively researched my family ancestry on both paternal and maternal sides.


I’m not an avid reader, but I have self-published two children’s books!


Finally, my personality type is INFJ.


Whew – I feel like I’ve shared a lot, but I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about me! Is there anything that surprised you?!




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Hey there, I´m Jenn!

I established Emerald Pine Collective in 2021 to pursue my creative passions after a 10-year career in Human Resources. Through my HR career, I recognized the special connections that I seamlessly made with people, and am fortunate that now, in my creative endeavors as a business owner, to remain rooted in connecting with and establishing relationships with people, celebrating them and their lives, through creative floral design.


With deep roots in North Carolina, I have a true desire to pour back into my local community and environment, so you’ll often find me gifting flowers and even planting pollinator-friendly plants in my community.


As an extension of my creative nature, I am also a self-published author of two children’s books: “What Might You Find At A Produce Parade?” and “Finley’s Findings.”